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Orthotic Services

Upper Extremity

* Humeral Fracture Orthoses

* Wrist Hand Finger Orthoses

* Elbow Orthoses

* Contracture Orthoses

Lower Extremity

* Reciprocating Gait Orthoses (R.G.O.)

* Hip Abduction Orthoses

* Solid, Semi-solid and Hinged AFOs

* Tibial and Femoral Fracture Orthoses

* Post-op and Positional Knee Orthoses

* Custom Made and Custom Fitted Sports Othoses

* Short and Long Leg Metal Orthoses

* Custom Molded Shoes

* Foot Orthotics




* Cervical Collars (S.O.M.I., Philadelphia, etc.)

* Lumbar-Sacral Orthoses

* Custom Fitted and Custom Made Body Jackets

* Scoliosis Control Orthoses

* Knight Spinal Orthoses

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